Course Details
Available Seats: 149
Duration: Till Prelims/Mains exam
Course Fees: ₹18810.00
Start Date: 18-Dec-2022
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GS Prelims Cum Mains Test Series for 2023 - Batch 2

Prelims Test Series (GS + CSAT) 2023

Link of Schedule -

Key Features:

- The Prelims Test Series 2023 comprises of a total of 28 GS Test (12 Sectional and 16 Full Syllabus tests) and 7 CSAT Tests.
- The tests have been logically designed which will help students to holistically cover the Prelims syllabus multiple times through sectional and full syllabus test
- The test series, through practice, will help the students overcome exam fear, reduce silly mistakes and effective time management

Key deliverables:

- Quality Questions which are closely aligned with UPSC pattern. Questions will be mix of static and current affairs. It will test students knowledgebase and help them to develop right approach and understanding required to clear Prelims.
- Detailed and exhaustive solution which will enable students to have more clarity on topics.
- All standard and relevant sources will be covered – NCERTs, standard Books, important newspaper and websites etc. It will ensure that students do not miss out on any topics and get complete coverage
- Test discussion for in-depth analysis of test paper. It will ensure students understand their mistakes and take timely corrective actions.
- Personalised and dedicated mentorship throughout the period of the course
-Detailed Diagnostic of your performance and assessment report in your personalised dashboard – highlighting areas which you are weak in, trend in mistakes etc.

Program Details:

-The program will start on 24th Dec, 2022
-The program comprises of total of 28 GS Test (12 Sectional + 16 Full Length) + 7 CSAT
-Schedule is designed so that student revise Prelims syllabus multiple times
-Flexible Schedule – Student can give the test any time after the its release.

GS Answer Writing Module 2023

About Program
• Mains Test Series 2023 is a year long test series program for UPSC Civil Services examination.
• It will help students in understanding nuances of mains answer writing and provide right guidance for effective answer writing strategy.

Program Deliverables
• The standard test Question paper which will cover important syllabus themes. The questions will cover both static and current events such that it aids in the holistic coverage of syllabus by aspirants.
• Standard Model Answers will be provided. It will help student by providing keywords, value addition and diagrams/flowcharts.
• Test Discussions, to be taken by our faculty/ subject matter experts.
• Evaluation of Test copies to help students to improve their answer writing.
• Personalised Mentorship which will help student in understanding their mistakes and getting right approach and strategy to write answers. Mentorship will be available both offline and online

The detailed Test Series Schedule is linked here

Program Details
• The program will start on 18th Dec, 2022
• The program comprises of total of 28 Tests – (24 GS Tests + 4 Essay tests)
• The detailed test schedule is designed in such a manner that student will be able to cover entire GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4 syllabus in time bound manner.
• Student can seek Mentor support (online/offline)
• Evaluation of copies will be done within 10 days from submission of copies

Fee Structure
For New Students: Rs 18810/- (inclusive tax)
For Old Students: Rs 17765/- (inclusive tax)

GS Prelims Cum Mains Test Series for 2023 - Batch 2

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