Shubhra Viraj EduTech Private Limited is one of the most renowned institute to prepare for Civil Services Examinations conducted by UPSC. The institute is founded by Shubhra Deshmukh and Viraj Deshmukh in 2014. An odd combination of our two founders in terms of 20+ years of profound teaching and vast IT experience has resulted today in an institute that has a vision to help UPSC aspirants from all sections of the society to realize their dream of entering Civil Services by providing them up-to-date knowledge combined with innovative use of Technology.

We are also proud to have a team of faculty members who are highly qualified, xperienced and dynamic. Because of their hard work and agility, we are able to meet the changing demands of Civil Service Examinations conducted by UPSC. Increasing number of our students entering Civil Services is testimony to effectiveness of our exam relevant approach.

Tina Dabi AIR 1 2015, Anmol Singh Bedi AIR 2 2016, Dinesh Kumar AIR 6 2016, Anand Vardhan AIR 7 2016, Girish Badole AIR 30 2017, Gunjan Dwivedi AIR 9 2018, Trupti Dhodmise AIR 16 2018, Vishaka Yadav AIR 6 019, Satyam Gandhi AIR 10 2020, Ria Dabi AIR 15 2020 and many others have been our successful students.

Why Shubhra Ranjan

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Shubhra Viraj EduTech Private Limited began primarily by offering guidance for Political Science and IR optional. The name Shubhra Ranjan is synonymous with Political Science and IR. Her deep understanding and knack in simplifying the subject has helped thousands of aspirants in scoring exceptionally well in the optional. Since PSIR subject overlaps nearly with 50% of the General Studies syllabus and is also very relevant for the Essay paper, the next logical step was of offering guidance for General Studies with best faculties.
We have started offering courses in General Studies in 2016 and also for other optional subjects like Sociology and Anthropology in 2020.
The Sociology optional is taught by Upendra Gaur who has 40+ years experience teaching the optional subject. The Anthropology optional is taught by Sosin Thayyaba Revella who has 20+ years experience teaching the optional subject.
For General Studies today we have a dedicated team of teachers: Shubhra Ranjan (Polity & IR), Dr Jayesh Khaddar (History, Art & Culture and Ethics), Akhilesh Srivastav (Geography and Environment), Aman Soni (Economy), Sahil (Current Affairs), Jwala Kumar (Science & Technology), Saurabh Rahul (Internal Security and Governance) and Rishi Bhargava (CSAT). Together they provide guidance for General Studies Foundation Course. Included in this course are:
750 hours of Lectures that comprehensively cover all the subjects keeping in mind the demands of the examination.:
Well-designed test series(Prelims and Mains) wherein the question papers are set by the teachers and model answers are also provided by the teachers themselves.
Online access to the course through Samsung Tablet (WiFi+LTE, 32GB).
Mentoring Program to support the student at Prelims and Mains Examinations.
Access to Crash course/Quality Enrichment Program (QEP2023) for Preliminary Exam.

Overall Development

At Shubhra Viraj EduTech Private Limited, we do not believe in mere rote learning but our focus is on holistic development of personality of an aspirant which help students fulfil their duties more effectively once they enter the services. In these efforts we continuously seek help from our students who are already entered into coveted civil services and experts like former bureaucrats, ambassadors and eminent persons in different fields of social sciences. This has resulted in successful launch and continuation for our “Wajah Bewajah” Lecture Series.

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Embracing digital technology a new strategic imperative

Apart from traditional classroom teaching, we believe that technology has major role to play in reaching out to students. Due to effective and innovative use of technology, we are today successfully conducting LIVE classroom programmes for General Studies and Optional subjects at Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bhopal, Dehradun, Jammu, Chennai, Patna, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Nagpur and Nasik by connecting our DELHI classroom LIVE directly to these centres. After the lecture there is separate Q&A session for our students at Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru wherein doubts are cleared by the teachers.
Starting 2021 we are also offering Offline General Studies Batches at some of our regional centres where our teachers will visit the centre and complete the entire GS course in 11 months.
Furthermore we believe in our unique guidance model wherein student/aspirant can prepare either at home through Shubhra Ranjan Tablet or in classroom mode at institute or at our regional centres. With any option chosen by student/aspirant for preparation, we are fully equipped to support them in their preparation. We believe in our model because it enables our student to reach us at three places at any time -one through website, second visiting our nearest regional centre or lastly even visiting for small duration at our Delhi centre. We ask our students to devise their preparation plans accordingly and make good use of our services in their preparation. From our side, we will keep improvising our processes to support their preparation and hopefully will strive to produce results from all parts of our country.

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