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Total Lectures: 90
Course Fees: ₹30000.00
Start Date: 21-Feb-2024
End Date: 21-Nov-2024
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History Optional (June 2024) Classroom Only RC Course - Target 2025

History Optional Course Features:

1. Comprehensive coverage of syllabus in 125 classes.
2. Exclusive classes on Map Marking and answer writing.  
3. Thorough discussion of Previous Years Questions after each topic.
4. Full Length Tests with detailed feedback, discussions and Model Answers.
5. Special sessions with Kirthika Ma’am to monitor the overall development of student in subject.
6. One to one mentorship sessions with Kirthika Ma’am.

Why Choose History as an Optional?

1. Overlap with General Studies
- History significantly overlaps with the General Studies papers, especially in Indian Heritage and Culture, Modern Indian History, and World History.
- This overlap reduces the additional burden of preparation, as the same topics are covered in both the General Studies and the optional papers.

2. Scoring Nature
- Despite the perception of being a vast subject, History is highly scoring. With structured answers and a good grasp of timelines and events, one can fetch high marks.
- The subjectivity in answer writing allows for an expression of individual insights, which can be rewarding if articulated well.

3. Availability of Resources
- A plethora of resources, including standard textbooks, NCERTs, and reference books, are available for History.
- Online resources and coaching materials further supplement the preparation.

4. Development of Analytical Skills
- History fosters analytical skills, crucial for the UPSC mains and interview. It trains aspirants to assess various perspectives and form coherent arguments.
- These skills are not only useful for exams but also in the practical functioning of a civil servant.

Syllabus Breakdown

The syllabus for History optional is divided into two papers:

Paper I: Ancient and Medieval History
- Focuses on ancient civilizations, cultural history, and medieval kingdoms.
- Topics include Indus Valley Civilization, Mauryan and Gupta Empires, and significant historical developments up to the 8th century.

Paper II: Modern History and World History
- Covers the freedom struggle, colonial impact, and post-independence consolidation.
- World history includes revolutions, world wars, and the contemporary world order.

Preparation Strategy

- Conceptual Understanding: Prioritize understanding over rote memorization.
- Answer Writing Practice: Regular practice to structure answers effectively.
- Timeline Charts: Use timeline charts for remembering dates and events.
- Previous Year Papers: Analyze and practice previous year questions for trend analysis.
- Mentorship and Guidance

Batch Begins - 20 June, 2024

Class Timing: 2 PM TO 4:30 PM (Monday to Saturday).

Under direction of Shubhra ma’am, we are also proud to have a team of faculty members( who are highly qualified, experienced and dynamic. Because of their hard work and agility, we are able to meet the changing demands of Civil Service Examinations conducted by UPSC.

Increasing number of Our Students entering Civil Services is testimony to effectiveness of our exam relevant approach. Ishita Kishore AIR 1 2022, Tina Dabi AIR 1 2015, Ankita Agarwal AIR 2 2021, Anmol Singh Bedi AIR 2 2016, Utkarsh Dwivedi AIR 5 2021, Vishaka Yadav AIR 6 2019, Dinesh Kumar AIR 6 2016, Samyak S Jain AIR 7 2021, Anand Vardhan AIR 7 2016, Kanika Goyal AIR 9 2022, Gunjan Dwivedi AIR 9 2018, Harkeerat Singh Randhawa AIR 10 2021, Satyam Gandhi AIR 10 2020, Abhinav Siwach AIR 12 2022, Ria Dabi AIR 15 2020, Trupti Dhodmise AIR 16 2018, Shivam Yadav AIR 21 2022, Girish Badole AIR 30 2017, and many have been our successful students.

History Optional (June 2024) Classroom Only RC Course - Target 2025

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