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Available Seats: 13
Duration: till Mains exam
Course Fees: ₹10000.00
Start Date: 26-Dec-2023
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Sociology Test Series for Mains 2024 by Upendra Gaur Sir

Under the Guidance of Upendra Gaur Sir (40+ Years of teaching Experience)

Schedule of course :

Course Features:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: In the context of a Sociology Optional Test Series, comprehensive coverage means that the entire syllabus of the Sociology optional subject is addressed. This includes classical and contemporary sociological theories, sociological concepts, key sociological thinkers, and various areas of sociology such as social institutions, social change, and social problems. A comprehensive approach ensures that aspirants have a deep understanding of the subject, helping them answer a wide range of questions effectively.

2. Discussion of Entire Test Series: The "Discussion of Entire Test Series" feature involves in-depth reviews and analysis of all the test papers included in the series.After taking a test, aspirants have the opportunity to attend discussion sessions where they can go through their performance, understand the strengths and weaknesses in their answers, and learn from model answers dictated in test discussion. This feature is invaluable for refining answer-writing skills and improving overall performance.

3. Mentorship: Mentorship in a Sociology Optional Test Series involves guidance from experienced educators and subject matter experts in sociology. These mentors offer personalized support, helping students set clear goals, create study plans, and understand complex sociological concepts. They also provide feedback on test papers, address doubts, and offer strategic advice for effective preparation.

4. On-time Evaluation: On-time evaluation ensures that test papers are promptly assessed, and feedback is provided in a timely manner (8-10 days). This allows aspirants to review their performance while the material is fresh in their minds. It aids in identifying areas of improvement and making necessary corrections. This feature is crucial for continuous learning and progress.

5. Flexibility for Writing Tests: Flexibility in test writing allows aspirants to choose when and how they take the tests. This feature accommodates the diverse schedules and commitments of UPSC aspirants. Students can schedule their tests to align with their study routine, whether they prefer to take tests online or offline. Flexibility is essential to ensure that the course is accessible to a wide range of students.

Start Date : 26 Dec, 2023
Course Fee : Rs 10000/- (New Students), Rs 8000/- (Old Students)

Sociology Test Series for Mains 2024 by Upendra Gaur Sir

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