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Available Seats: 47
Duration: 1 Year
Course Fees: ₹53000.00
Start Date: 19-Apr-2024
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PSIR On Demand Tablet Course

Political Science & IR Tablet On Demand Course

Link of video explaining what is On Demand Course

The PSIR ‘On Demand’ Course is designed for those students who wants to watch lectures at their own pace. The entire syllabus of PSIR has been divided into following 3 sections:

1. Section A : Syllabus of Paper 1 Section A
2. Section B : Syllabus of Paper 1 Section B
3. Section C : Syllabus of Paper 2 Section A and Section B

- In Tablet, the PSIR Course Lectures will have a maximum of 2 views for which proportional time will be allotted . If you watch the lectures at 2x speed, the time will also be consumed proportionately .   

- Under the Course, the Samsung Tablet (WiFi+LTE, 32GB) will be provided by the Institute to access the Course. The Tablet shall be configured to use only Shubhra Ranjan Tablet App during the Course. The students can use the Tablet as any normal Tablet after the completion of the Course.

- The Tablet shall be delivered to your address as provided at the time of admission. In case you plan to collect at our office address please do inform us by mailing us at

- A 4G SIM card or WiFi connection with a minimum 10 MBPS Internet speed is required to view the tablet course. There is no provision to top-up the viewing time for the tablet course.

Common Questionnaire 

- What is PSIR ‘On Demand’ Course?
It is a Foundation Course for PSIR Optional by Shubhra Ranjan Ma’am . The course give super flexibility to the students when it comes to time and pace of the lectures. The lectures same as the regular classes.

- What is maximum duration for the course ?
The course duration is nine months from the date of subscription. Thus, the student will have to either finish the lecture before this nine months duration or the course will automatically expire after nine months from the date of subscription.

- What should be the flow of the lectures?
Upon subscription , a student can select the Section of his choice . Upon entering the section the student will have to start from the first lecture of that particular section. He can navigate back from the current lecture upto 2 previous lectures. However, he can watch them only if the allotted time is not finished.

- Can I go back across sections?

- Does the remaining time of one lecture adds up  to the next lecture?


PSIR On Demand Tablet Course

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